About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We help brands grow, providing solutions for smarter and faster fulfillment. 

Our mission is to modernize the way warehousing and fulfillment operates to help brands deliver a memorable experience for their customers, right to their doorsteps.

Our Story

Our first ChannelApe customer was us.  

Our co-founders, Mike Averto and Jason DePietropaolo first met when Jason experienced problems managing multiple fulfillment locations for his D2C vitamin brand.  At the time, there weren’t many platforms that catered to D2C brands, at least that wouldn’t require a lot of time and money to customize. Jason was experiencing the pains that many other growing D2C brands struggle with.  He could not scale his business fast enough without upgrading his fulfillment operations, as more and more orders came in making it harder to manage along with increased customer support requests, rising shipping costs, and simply too much work overall for an already overextended team. 

Mike who had years of experience working for Walmart within their supply chain and had later started building his own software development agency, knew that the better solution would be to build for purpose.  And so together, they decided to build the platform themselves. 

By late 2016, Mike and Jason started creating ChannelApe where they spent two years building a team and a platform that provided the flexibility and robust fulfillment solutions ideal for fast-growing D2C brands. They saw an opportunity to develop a platform that made it easy to integrate with many warehouses not just nationally, but globally.  ChannelApe now provides brands with the flexibility to expand or change fulfillment locations anywhere and whenever they need to, easily.

ChannelApe provides the technology and fulfillment solutions for many of the fastest-growing D2C brands today and has since expanded our service offerings by partnering with warehouses and 3PLs, building a fulfillment network making ChannelApe more than just a software vendor.  

We’ve become a partner to the brands that we service providing a dedicated team, a single operating procedure with one monthly payment for all their fulfillment needs and one centralized platform to manage all of their fulfillment locations in one place. Having ChannelApe as a partner, brands can focus on what matters most for growth… product and marketing.  

Let ChannelApe handle the logistics so you can focus on what you do best, growing that awesome brand of yours!


Looking to improve your last mile supply chain?

Create a single customizable network of integrated warehouses by selecting one or many different 3PL providers across the globe. 

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