About Us

About Us

We’re on a mission to help brands build a better fulfillment experience.

ChannelApe is a modern warehousing and fulfillment solutions company focused on helping brands grow using an innovative approach to fulfillment through one network, one platform, and as one partner.

Our Story

Our first ChannelApe customer was us.  

Our co-founders, Mike Averto and Jason DePietropaolo first met when Jason experienced problems managing multiple fulfillment locations for his direct-to-consumer vitamin brand. Jason found it harder to scale his business when his order volume continued to increase, as did his customer support requests, and rising shipping costs. 

Mike holds years of experience working for Walmart in supply chain management and later moved on to build his own software development agency before creating ChannelApe. He connected with Jason to help solve his problems and suggested that they should build an order management platform custom as other platforms out there weren’t able to fully support all his use cases.   

In 2016, ChannelApe opened for business. Mike and Jason worked tirelessly to build the company spending two years building up a team and a platform that provided the flexibility and solutions ideal for brands to scale.

Today, ChannelApe is a VC-backed company set out to modernize the warehouse and fulfillment industry. We provide the technology and solutions for today’s most innovative brands and understand the best practices when it comes to order fulfillment. We’re actively building a fulfillment network of 3PL providers throughout the US, Canada and have since expanded internationally to the UK, Europe, and Asia.

As your outsourced fulfillment partner, we become an extension of your team providing our expertise, support and capacity to handle all of your fulfillment needs so you can focus more on your core business.

Let’s work together 

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