Under The Hood

Check out the platform. We're a lot like our competitors - only smarter, faster, cooler and cost effective.


We’ve Done That

We’re where your clients want to be – whether that’s Shopify, ShopifyPlus, eBay, Amazon or Walmart. We’ve soundly integrated hundreds of various suppliers, distributors, data feeds and ERP’s. We’ve handled everything from major platform migrations to launching sites for established brick-and-mortar stores. Our team can handle anything you’ve got for us.


Scalable & Cloud-based

ChannelApe’s highly distributed scalable platform is strong and sound, marrying efficiency with simplicity. It allows you and your client to manage inventory with pinpoint accuracy. While buyers access the most current data, our true SaaS Model drives down the cost of your client’s IT infrastructure.


Ultimate Flexibility

ChannelApe’s core platform is built on a micro-service architecture similar to Netflix. This allows us to maintain a single core platform that can be fully customized for your business. Your clients have products, apps and platforms that help them run their business. We don’t add another to the mix – we implement them all into one unified system. 


Total Control

We’ve built an interface that’s mobile targeted and fully responsive. You’ll feel confident knowing that you or your client can monitor and manage business on any device from anywhere in the world.


True Support

Live U.S. based support via phone, email or chat. Unlike other platforms, we aren’t only there to fix problems. Our team of ecommerce experts have vast experience in all aspects of the industry – marketing, sales, development and more. As a partner, we’re going to work closely with you and your client to make sure you get the best results possible.

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