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Shopify as a Supplier

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App by Shopify as a Supplier


Export products, inventory, pricing, fulfillments, and refunds FROM Shopify and import orders from Marketplaces or Buyers TO Shopify

Use your Shopify store as a supplier!

Provide catalog and inventory to buyers and create orders from buyers, marketplaces and more inside Shopify Follow the same flows you always do and use Shopify as your operations center.

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Distribute your Catalog

Take your product title, description, images, UPC, SKU and all other Shopify data and send to other marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart; B2B buyers; or even to other Shopify sites.
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Distribute Inventory & pricing w/ Rules

Import your inventory levels from Shopify and use ChannelApe to apply rules like percentage reductions to avoid overselling. Do the same to mark up or down pricing.
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Accept & Create Orders in Shopify

Marketplaces and buyers can send orders to ChannelApe which will in turn create orders within your Shopify storefront to allow you to use the tools and apps you have in place today.
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Fulfill directly from Shopify

Fulfill orders directly from Shopify's backend or utilizing whatever integration or app you have setup today.