Shopify Plus to ChannelApe Integration

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Trigger actions based on orders, inventory, fulfillments or perform actions. The best data feed inventory management for Shopify.   With a ChannelApe integration you can execute actions based on a schedule.

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About Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s high powered platform for enterprise-level customers. It allows for unmatched scalability, reliability, and flexibility for a business of any size.

About ChannelApe

The fulfillment platform for growing brands. ChannelApe is a modern warehouse company providing fulfillment services through one fulfillment network with one unified platform as one partner.

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Shopify Plus
With our Shopify Plus integration you can...

Import Inventory

Pull in inventory and upload products from any source - suppliers, distributors, data feeds, ERP's or your own warehouse. If it's data, the ape can ingest it. View all Shopify Plus Solutions
Amazon Catalog
Amazon Catalog

Build Your Product Catalog

Create a store that looks and feels the way you want it. No headaches, no long hours. We make it easy to map your data, create categories and import product details - turning your data into a fully-stocked store.

Develop Sales Strategy

Sell smart. Apply rules, filters, pricing logic and product strategy.

Automate Product Push and Tracking

Sync your inventory to your Shopify Plus store. Set recipes that automate the process at a rate that's right for your business. You choose how often you want to update. Have tracking numbers sent automatically to your customers.
Integrate Apps

Integrate Apps

You rely on apps to run your business. We don't add one more to the mix, we connect them all into a singular ecommerce ecosystem.
Integrate Apps

Expand Sales Channels

Use the ChannelApe Shopify Plus connection as a multichannel retail base of operations. Expand out to other marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), social media markets (Facebook, Pinterest), shopping engines (Google Shopping), affiliate networks and more. Reach your full retail potential.
Expand Channels

Get The Most Out of Shopify

Shopify Plus offers retailers everything they need to run an online store. It's a powerful tool that gives you the ultimate in flexibility and customization. By using ChannelApe in tandem with Shopify Plus, online retailers and entrepreneurs can optimize their ecommerce business, increase sales and make more money online. We handle the redundant tasks so you can focus on what matter most: sales, marketing and growing your business. Shopify Plus services big brands, high-volume retailers and fast-growing merchants that gross billions in yearly revenue. Their retailers sell on verticals including fashion, electronics, home goods, pet supplies, toys, health and beauty, jewelry, furniture and more. In short, Shopify rules. So many people have found success through their platform - and you can too.

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