XML Feed to ChannelApe Integration

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Create a custom integration with ChannelApe from an XML file via API, FTP, or HTTP. Need help integrating? No problem just ask us.   With a ChannelApe integration you can execute actions based on a schedule.

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About XML Feed

XML feeds are commonly used by suppliers to deliver data in an automated fashion.

About ChannelApe

The fulfillment platform for growing brands. ChannelApe is a modern warehouse company providing fulfillment services through one fulfillment network with one unified platform as one partner.

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XML Feed
With our XML Feed integration you can...

Import Inventory

Pull in inventory wherever your XML file comes from - suppliers, distributors, a database, point of sale or accounting software, ERP's or your own warehouse. The ape uploads products in bulk - and he loves it.
Amazon Catalog
Amazon Catalog

Build Your Product Catalog

Use your source data to create product pages that look and feel the way you want them to. No headaches, no long hours. We make it easy to map your inventory, create categories and import product details.

Automate Product Upload

Set recipes that automate your XML upload at a rate that's right for your business. You choose when and how often you want to pull.

Export Your XML as a CSV File

Use the ChannelApe Exporter to, well, export your XML inventory data as a flat file CSV. This simple universal file format allows for massive multichannel growth. It can also be converted into multiple formats like xls or txt.

Get The Most Out of Your Data

ChannelApe can convert your XML file into a format that can be ingested by any channel. This will allow you to expand and upload your inventory to retail marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), social media markets (Facebook, Pinterest), shopping engines (Google Shopping), affiliate networks and more.