Branding Guidelines

The ChannelApe logo and color scheme are important and integral parts of the company’s brand. Therefore proper use of the logo and colors is necessary to maintain this visual identity. This page is here to help you understand proper use of our brand and how it should be applied.

The Official ChannelApe Colors

RGB - 49, 50, 113
CMYK - 57, 56, 0, 56
RGB - 194, 38, 46
CMYK - 0, 80, 76, 24

Download the Logo Here

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Only use the color logo over white or light gray backgrounds.
  • Do not use a white/reversed logo over darker colored backgrounds.
  • Do not alter the logos above (color, proportion...) without our consent.
  • Do not display the logo in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by ChannelApe of your product, service, or business unless granted permission.
  • If possible, please link any logo used to


ChannelApe Logo Guidelines


ChannelApe Logo Guidelines
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