Allbirds: Restful EDI

Allbirds: Restful EDI


Growing up in New Zealand, Tim Brown couldn’t help but notice all the amazing qualities of merino wool. In fact, it made him wonder why such an incredible, sustainable resource had never been used in footwear before. This simple question became the beginning of an incredible journey to make a revolutionary textile that would, hopefully, create a whole new category of shoes inspired by natural materials. After years of researching, testing, Kickstarting, and chasing his vision, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, a San Francisco based engineer and renewables expert. Together, they partnered with one of the world’s great Italian textile mills to create an innovative wool fabric made specifically for footwear, and successfully designed the most comfortable shoe imaginable.

The Problem: Restful EDI

In the 90’s and 00’s, retail supply chain highly depended on EDI to send data between trading partners. Files for Inventory (846), Purchase Orders (850), ASNs (856) and more were transmitted between partners similar to how faxed documents were used in the past. Files were sent to an inbox until they were processed.

While EDI isn’t going anywhere, the internet came along and with that came APIs which turned the world of data communication on its head in terms of flexibility and possibility.

Allbirds chose ChannelApe to help them launch a Shopify Warehouse EDI setup in less than 30 days. For those unfamiliar with the EDI world, this process usually takes months (and multiple at that) when launching multiple document types.

This is why I chose you guys because I was looking for a partner not just a vendor.

The Solution

ChannelApe used our pre-built Shopify and EDI integrations to help Allbirds turn Shopify’s RESTful APIs into their warehouses compliant EDI standard and then back. With our micro-services approach we were able to customize both interfaces (Shopify and EDI) to add in custom configurations for Allbirds.



San Francisco, CA

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Fast Facts

  1. Merino wool is ZQ-certified, which means it meets stringent standards of sustainable farming and animal welfare.
  2. Merino wool requires 60% less energy to produce than typical synthetic materials used in shoes
  3. Patent pending shipping shoebox uses 40% less materials than traditional shoe packaging.

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