Anthony Zambetti of BBG Health
Healthcare Products
ChannelApe allowed me quickly list and sell my excess inventory when and where I wanted. I was able to automate when my listings were updated across multiple marketplaces

Fast Facts

  1. Integrating with the suppliers data feed allowed them to update inventory from their supplier every fifteen minutes

BBG Health


BBG Health LLC is an online storefront selling Sports Supplements across Amazon and Ebay.


BBG Health was a new storefront looking to sell sports supplements including protein powders and energy drinks on Amazon and Ebay. They were looking for a solution where they could easily integrate with their supplier’s data feed to access the suppliers inventory and then push this inventory across their marketplaces. BBG Health was looking for a platform that could automate this process as they did not have the time to dedicate to manually updating thousands of items across Amazon and Ebay. BBG Health explained to us that the profit margins on these platforms were very tight and that if they had to hire additional resources or dedicate more time to the store then it would not be worth the effort.


BBG Health used ChannelApe to integrate with their suppliers data feed. Integrating with the suppliers data feed allowed them to update inventory from their supplier every fifteen minutes. This assured them that they would not have to cancel orders due to outdated inventory levels or overselling. Once the inventory was in ChannelApe’s dashboard BBG Health easily set up business rules that they developed. They created lists by vendor and then applied discounts to each vendor according to their profit margins. Once these rules were set no further input was required by BBG Health. BBG Health then added the Amazon and Ebay app to their ChannelApe account. This allowed them to now push the inventory they selected to the respected marketplace at the prices they have already set. BBG Health setup a schedule as to how often this happened during the course of the day to assure that they had the most up to date prices and inventory levels. BBG Health was now selling thousands of items on two marketplaces and the process was fully automated. It didn’t require any additional manpower to accomplish their goals. BBG Health with ┬álimited staff and limited time to manage their storefront quickly grew sales to tens of thousands monthly. ChannelApe allowed BBG Health to manage their business by the rules they set.