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You guys must never sleep, I am amazed at how quickly you got my store up and running.... Fanatical customer support

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  1. XML Integration

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BodyMaxNutrition is an online retailer of sports supplements for bodybuilding and weight loss.


BodyMAxNutrition had some goals and changes they wanted for their e-commerce storefront. They wanted the ability to use the XML feed from their supplier to its potential by accessing product attributes. These attributes would give them the ability to filter products to create specific lists so that they could apply their rules to these lists.  For example, they sell some heavy items that they wanted to increase prices on or maybe even just exclude them from their storefront.

BodyMaxNutrition’s main goal was to automate their business process so that they could spend less time performing manual tasks, such as inventory control,  and more time on marketing and advertising so that they could grow their business instead of just maintaining it.


ChannelApe built an integration to BodyMaxNutrition’s supplier so that they don’t have to worry about maintaining correct inventory levels anymore. ChannelApe accesses the suppliers inventory levels every few hours and then updates the BodyMaxNutrition website to reflect any changes. This whole process is automated and can be scheduled so that it never has to be done manually again.  This gave them the ability to free up hours per day. The BodyMaxNutrition team can create a filter based on a specific brand, based on weights, based on price, based on text-based inventory levels (meaning the supplier doesn’t offer a number of items in stock) or all of these combined. This allows the team to modify inventory levels and pricing automatically and also filter out any items they may want excluded from their storefront. Any new products that match the filter are automatically added to the correct list and sent to their storefront, No more manually adding new items, thus reducing time spent on manual tasks.

BodyMaxNutrition is also looking to take advantage of their suppliers API (which is currently in development) to give them access to order & fulfillment management. By pressing one button, an order is sent to the supplier for fulfillment and BodyMaxNutrition’s work is complete. Behind the scenes ChannelApe sends the order to the supplier and constantly looks for updates. Once the supplier ships the item, ChannelApe pulls in the updated status and tracking number and then goes back to the respective app (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc) and tells the customer “This order has shipped and here is your tracking number”.  BodyMaxNutrition was able to reduce order processing time by over 90%, now they have tons of time to focus on marketing and growth.