Fast Facts

Innate Health Market

“If you want to scale your business you need automation and if you need automation then you need ChannelApe”…..Dr. Zambetti.


Innate Health Market is an online retailer of high-end organic, natural and specialty foods. They currently run their store on the Shopify Platform and use Honest Green as their dropshipper.


Innate Health Market (IHM) was a new venture for a company that already had some eCommerce experience. IHM knew that to be successful and scale in e-commerce they would need to automate as much as their business process as possible. Their first problem was linked to inventory management. While basic inventory syncing was feasible with some software, the problem of operating the business the way they needed to was not solved by any solution. IHM needed to apply business rules to their product file before sending it off to their e-commerce storefront. Once these rules were in place they needed to remain that way and also be dynamic. Dynamic, meaning if they supplier added a new item and it fell into one of their rule sets then that rule would be applied before item was created in their storefront. Doing all of this manually was impossible and unsustainable.

Then came the problem of dealing with sales. Now that they sold an item, how can they process the order and get the customer a product? The team would manually copy / paste order information to their supplier’s system and place an order through a shopping cart much like normal e-commerce shopping carts work. Then once the order for the item was placed with their supplier, they’d receive an e-mail back with a tracking number. Someone from the staff would have to find the tracking number e-mail and match it back up to the order. This whole process for a single order took 5 minutes on average per order. Multiple that by the number of orders per month and the limiting factor for the team quickly became maintaining the business, not growing it. IHM needed a different way to operate, they needed automation.


By using ChannelApe, the IHM team was able to free up hours per day by no longer manually updating inventory, processing orders, and returning tracking and order status to clients. Inventory levels are updated daily and based on the business rules IHM has in place using ChannelApe’s filter engine. The IHM team can create a filter based on a specific brand, based on weights, based on price, or all of these combined. This allows the team to modify inventory levels and pricing automatically. Any new products that match the filter are automatically handled and placed in the right category thus freeing up time for growth.

IHM was also able to take advantage of a supplier FTP feed that gave them access to order & fulfillment management. By pressing one button, an order is sent to the supplier for fulfillment and IHM is done. Behind the scenes ChannelApe sends the order to the supplier and constantly looks for updates. Once the supplier ships the item, ChannelApe pulls in the updated status and tracking number and then goes back to the respective app (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc) and tells the customer “This order has shipped and here is your tracking number”. ChannelApe gave IHM all the tools they will need to be successful.