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Company Overview is the number one site to shop online for your favorite exclusive styles by top designer brands such as Michael Kors, Born, Sam Edelman, Frye, Tommy Hilfiger and Sydney Jordyn. has been featured in publications such as The Oprah Magazine, USA Today and People, they have also been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

The Problem knows that today’s customers are increasingly starting their online searches on, in fact according to Bloomberg, as many as 50 percent of shoppers turn first to Amazon to begin their product search.   KidsShoes realized early that to be competitive and not lose market share to other online retailers, their products must be visible on Amazon.

The Pain

Product Catalog

As has a very robust product catalog on their dot com site, they needed to match this product data that was in their specialized format to the format that is required by Amazon. This can be tricky as each product category on Amazon can require a separate template and each template must be populated correctly to be able to create a product detail page.

KS also adds new products to their expansive catalog weekly so they needed a way to automate their new product creation on Amazon to give them the ability to get new styles to market as fast as possible.

Order and Fulfillment Data

The next challenge after getting their product catalog built on Amazon was how were they going to handle all of the orders and the fulfillment data. KS needed an automated system to get their orders sent vie EDI to their warehouse and then be able to send the fulfillment data back to Amazon via EDI.

Inventory Sync

Finally, all of the inventory levels must be maintained between Amazon, their Dot Com site, their warehouse and then back to their ERP system. KS realized early that there could be potential for a high volume of orders on Amazon and they needed to maintain consistent inventory levels across all of their selling platforms to ensure they would not be overselling items and having to cancel orders.

The Strategy

KidsShoes wanted to make sure their first foray into multichannel was a success. They understood that Amazon accounts for 43 percent of US online sales, and they recognized that selling on Amazon could not only generate revenue but also help them drive additional sales on

KS knew that to be successful, they required help in a few specific areas. 1. They needed to format their current data into a specific template to be able to build out robust product detail pages that would drive traffic and convert sales. 2. They needed an automated system to create new products on Amazon as soon as they created new products in their ERP system. 3. They needed to make sure inventory from all of their selling platforms was in sync and 4. They needed an automated system to send orders back to their warehouse and ERP system and then grab tracking data and update the marketplace.

Channelape’s main goal was: Amazon Product Catalog, New Product Creation, Inventory Accuracy , Automated Orders and Fulfillments.

The Execution

Channelape used its prebuilt Amazon API connection to automate populating the product templates and generate product listings. Once the catalog was populated and optimized, Channelape used its Amazon integration to update the catalog including price and quantity every fifteen minutes to ensure  there was never an opportunity for items to be oversold.


The End Solution

With back-end ERP system fully integrated to the Channelape platform and utilizing Channelape’s Prebuilt Amazon API connector it made expanding to a relatively easy process. Launching on the biggest marketplace in the world took days, not weeks. Utilizing Channelape’s workflow automation can ensure that stock levels and order data is kept in sync across all of their selling platforms without the need for any manual data entry.

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Footwear knows that today’s customers are increasingly starting their online searches on

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