Grace McGinn of OPSH
The key to massive growth is having smart tools and platforms like ChannelApe. It frees you up to do so many more things with your business.

Fast Facts

  1. OPSH bills themselves “the whole of High St. all on one site”.
  2. The term ‘OPSH’ is a play on the word ‘SHOP’, a rearrangement representative of what the site does for the shopping experience.
  3. The McGinn sisters got their online start as bloggers that collectively started a fashion-centered social media site called Prowler.

OPSH & the Key to Accelerated Growth

There’s a theme running through the story of OPSH’s success. In 2015, their founding team of three sisters doubled to a group of six. A little later that year, it compounded again to a proper gang of fifteen.

During that same time, they turned their base of five thousand shoppers into a whopping sixty-five thousand shoppers.

They achieved this by curating and selling items from over twenty world fashion brands including Forever 21, Oasis, Pretty Little Thing, Kurt Geiger and AX Paris. By the first quarter of 2016, they were offering over two hundred thousand items on the site.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the theme behind the sisters McGinn – Jennie, Grace and Sarah – is Growth. Note the capital ‘G’. Through their accelerated brand of growth, they’ve come to revolutionize online shopping with a sense of style, class and authority worthy of the #girlboss hashtag.

The concept behind their model is simple. They cater to women who shop on multiple fashion sites, generally in high volume. This customer base experiences pain in having to login and transact with each of the sites they visit. With this comes all the all-too-familiar modern inconveniences – password problems, payment information, shipping details. All those things that grind the buyer experience and leave abandoned shopping carts across the retail landscape.

What they wanted to do was simple. Offer the best items from a range of great high-end fashion sites for purchase in one location. The ultimate in a clean shopping experience.

As it is with any simple idea, however, they became bogged down by logistical complexities. Product catalog management was a big one. When you’re curating and offering inventory from over twenty different brands, managing products can be difficult and time-consuming. It might take weeks to upload the initial batch of product images and descriptions. Once that’s done, making sure inventory is updated correctly becomes a full-time job. If it’s not done accurately and often, you end up with canceled orders – which spoils the shopper experience altogether.

All of these issues were major blockers to growth. Through a reference from Shopify, OPSH was introduced to ChannelApe. Just as OPSH had a solution for the pain their customers experienced, ChannelApe had a platform that could solve the particular problem holding OPSH back.

ChannelApe allowed the OPSH site to upload over two-hundred thousand products – complete with details and images – from twenty different data feeds in a matter of hours. This is no easy manual feat, considering that no two data feeds are alike (some are CSV, others XML, very few use the same header construct).

Through automation, the platform reaches out and pulls updated inventory data from each respective feed every few hours.  That mean day-to-day, ChannelApe ensures that the OPSH inventory is spot on. And for the McGinn sisters, this totally hands-off. Without having to worry about inventory and product catalog management, they can focus solely on what matters to their business – not redundant tasks.

“There are a few keys to fast growth,” Grace McGinn states in a charming brogue, “And ChannelApe is one of ours.”