Osiris Nutrition of Christopher Maetzold
Sports Supplements
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Fast Facts

Osiris Nutrition


Osiris Nutrition is an online retailer of Sports Supplements, Fitness Products and Health Foods.



Osiris Nutrition was a brand new storefront. Osiris Nutrition was created to give customers access to high quality nutritional products. Right from the beginning Osiris Nutrition knew that to be successful they needed an automated system to handle inventory and order fulfillment. Osiris Nutrition had a relationship with Europa Sports Supplements and Europa offered access to their data feed. Not having any previous Ecommerce experience Osiris Nutrition contacted ChannelApe to help integrate the Europa Data Feed to their storefront.



By using ChannelApe, the Osiris Nutrition team was able to use the Europa Sports Data feed to automate the inventory, orders, and fulfillment process of their storefront. Inventory levels are updated daily and are based upon the business rules Osiris Nutrition built using ChannelApe’s filter engine. The Osiris Nutrition team can create a filter based on a specific brand, based on weights, based on price, based on text-based inventory levels (meaning the supplier doesn’t offer a number of items in stock) or all of these combined. This allows the team to modify inventory levels and pricing on 8 thousand items automatically. Any new products that match the filter are automatically handled to Osiris Nutrition.  This level of automation will allow the store to run on autopilot thus freeing up time for growth and marketing.


rule engine


In early 2016, Osiris Nutrition will be able to utilize Europa Sports API for automated order processing. By pressing one button, an order is sent to the supplier for fulfillment and then routed to the correct warehouse and Osiris Nutrition has completed their part of the process. Behind the scenes ChannelApe sends the order to the supplier and constantly looks for updates. Once the supplier ships the item, ChannelApe pulls in the updated status and tracking number and then goes back to the respective app (Shopify in this case) and tells the customer “This order has shipped and here is your tracking number”