Lee Duren of Blue Water Outriggers
Online Retailer for Everything for your Outdoor Adventure
ChannelApe has allowed us to increase our online revenue ten fold, while not taking time away from our 13,000 sq ft storefront

Fast Facts

  1. Existing online business wanting to expand product offerings
  2. With ChannelApe’s help, added a fully-automated supplier data feed containing 35,000 items
  3. ChannelApe automates all inventory updates, order processing and fulfillment
  4. Customers are kept up to date on order status every step of the way
  5. No time-consuming manual maintenance required
  6. Blue Water Outriggers was able to add inventory without additional work or overhead costs, thus increasing sales

Outdoor Adventure Specialists Blue Water Outriggers Expands Online

At a Glance

Lee Duren of Blue Water Outriggers wanted to increase his outdoor gear offerings on his web store but didn’t have the extra capital to spend on inventory. Lee already had a large brick and mortar store with thousands of items for resale. Working with ChannelApe and Farris Brothers he was able to seamlessly connect to the data feed that Farris Brothers offered him. The data feed contained 35,000 items all with rich product descriptions and high definition images, everything he would need to convert those browsers into buyers.

Outdoor Adventure Gear Specialist, Lee Duren, wanted to expand his product offerings on his newly launched web store. Lee and his staff spent weeks manually uploading a few products to his website and quickly realized there was no way he could sustain managing inventory manually.

Lee and his staff already had a supplier that had a data feed and needed someone to integrate the feed  to their web store to automate the inventory updates. BlueWater Outriggers found ChannelApe and began the inventory automation process.

ChannelApe hooked up BlueWater Outriggers to the data feed and imported an additional 35,000 inventory items containing the best hunting, fishing and outdoor gear sold online. Lee now had access to all of these additional items that he could easily drop ship from Farris Brothers without any added costs to him.

Using ChannelApe, Lee was able to completely automate the inventory, orders, and fulfillment processes to run his online store.  By using filters for brand, weight, price, and inventory, he could update and modify inventory levels and pricing automatically.  Now, by pressing one button, a customer’s order is sent directly to the supplier for fulfillment.  And when the supplier ships the item, ChannelApe updates the status and tracking number and notifies the customer automatically.

Within a few weeks of using ChannelApe, Lee saw a return on his investment and looks forward to growing his online store as well as he has grown his brick and mortar location.

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