Paul Evans NY: Successful Amazon Expansion

Paul Evans NY: Successful Amazon Expansion


As someone who works with hundreds of scaling brands and retailers, I’ve come to see that the most direct way of increasing sales, boosting exposure and reaching new customers is through Amazon expansion.

Many sellers are wary of Amazon. Some are convinced that Amazon is the bad guy – a retail villain that’s deadset on taking down every independent seller out there. Others are certain that a presence on Amazon will ruin their brand. These are completely valid concerns – but the greater truth is that if you’re smart and careful about Amazon expansion, it can have a drastically positive effect on your business.

This was the case for Paul Evans, a high-end men’s shoe retailer based out of New York. Paul Evans caters to suit-and-tie professionals that appreciate fashion and quality. Their shoes and boots are designed in New York, crafted from Italian leather and retail from $450 to $600. They also sell apparel including belts and socks. Their brand is stylish, metropolitan and extremely well-regarded.

When we started working together, the bulk of Paul Evans business came through their site:  Their site is supported by Shopify. Like their brand and products, the site is clean and stylish.

The Problems: Brand, Bandwith and Compliance

There were three major reasons Paul Evans had not fully expanded to Amazon:

  1. They were concerned with protecting their brand
  2. They didn’t have the bandwith to launch their products and manage Amazon sales
  3. They didn’t want to worry about Amazon’s strict compliance. They’d tried expanding to Amazon in the past and understood just how many hoops you have to jump through in order to maintain an account.

The Solution

Paul Evans decided to work with us because we’d launched other great fashion brands like theirs – sellers that were seeing great success and maintaining full control of their brand. The company wanted what these other businesses had.

The first step was setting up their Brand Registry. As a private label, PE is at a distinct advantage on Amazon. They’re the only business that can sell their product – which means they don’t have to compete directly with the thousands of other sellers on the marketplace. If they ever decide to distribute their brand to other sellers, they can control outside pricing. All of this goes a long way in protecting and controlling their brand.

Creating a brand registry can be difficult and complex. It can take months for a team to do this independently. Thanks to our experience, our contacts and ability to manage data, we were able to do this quickly and efficiently.

Once the brand was registered, we had to create all of the Paul Evans Amazon listings. Without a channel management platform, this can mean hours of manually entering data into a spreadsheet or directly into Amazon’s back end.

The ChannelApe platform has a Shopify Exporter feature, which made this a much simpler process. We took the product catalog data that already existed on their site, exported that into a CSV file, then amended that file with data specific to Amazon listings. This is another best practice we can implement: we create listings that are built for each marketplace, which translates to higher conversion and searchability.

All of our integrations provide a solution for bandwith by automating the inventory and order process. Inventory is updated on a schedule. Orders are processed from both Shopify and Amazon and returned to the ChannelApe system – which provides a convenient central location to manage all orders. Fulfillments, subsequently, are also automated.

Finally, we handle account management and marketing for Paul Evans to make sure the company’s complying with Amazon standards and scaling sales. This means we take care of everything from launching new items to fielding Amazon Seller Central requests to developing sponsored ads.

As a result, Paul Evans has seen an immediate surge in sales. The company’s reaching thousands of new customers and building a base that could only be reached through Amazon expansion. Cost is a fraction of what it would be to hire a team to manage Amazon full-time – which means a steadily climbing ROI.

Paul Evans

New York, NY

Shoes & Apparel

Read how this high-end shoe retailer reached millions of new customers.


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Fast Facts

  1. Amazon has over 300 million active buyers.
  2. 38% of product searches start on Amazon. 35% start on Google – after which 41% navigate to Amazon. That means over 50% of all product searches end up on Amazon.
  3. ChannelApe clients see up to ten times as many sales on Amazon as they do on their own site.

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