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Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

PharmaCare US

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San Diego, California
Vitamins and Health Supplements

Learn how the Largest Australian Owned Consumer Packaged Goods Company Uses ChannelApe to Execute Their B2C Initiative

Art Rowe-Cerveny, Vice President Marketing

We had an aggressive timeline and we were working with a few different partners to accomplish our goal, ChannelApe was able to coordinate with the other teams and execute and hit the deadline we had previously set.

Art Rowe-Cerveny, Vice President Marketing


Art Rowe-Cerveny, Vice President Marketing

Fast Facts

  • Pharmacare US is home to brands Sambucol, Promensil, Skin Doctors, Real Health, And Kids Smart Brands
  • Experts in the Timely Delivery of Innovative Health Care Products
  • Largest Australian Owned Consumer Package Goods Companies


PharmaCare US is the United States based subsidiary of PharmaCare Australia, owners of Real Health Laboratories, the Sambucol Brand of cold and flu remedies and the Skin Doctors brand of skin care products. PharmaCare Australia is the largest Australian Owned Consumer Packaged Goods Company. PharmaCare's products are sold in major retailers such as Walgreen's, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon. PharmaCare has 10 offices around the world selling over 29 brands all with the mission of improving the health and well being of people everywhere.

The Problem: EDI + Intermediary

As Vice President of Marketing for PharmaCare US, Art Rowe-Cerveny had the job of implementing PharmaCare's direct to consumer (B2C) initiative for the Sambucol and Real Health Labs Product Lines. Art knew that sending packages direct to consumers in small quantities was going to be much different that sending truckloads of product to the likes of Walmart and Walgreen's (B2B). PharmaCare needed to take their customers orders from their numerous Shopify websites, convert all that order data to an EDI format, then transmit the data via AS2 to their warehouse (3PL). The orders would need to be shipped and fulfillment data would then be transmitted back to the site and the customer notified that their order has shipped. This process would have to occur hundreds of times per day. PharmaCare also had specific logic on how orders would need to be shipped depending on which option was selected by the customer.  This would need to be coordinated with the 3PL.


The Solution

ChannelApe used our pre-built Shopify order management solution to pull customer's orders from PharmaCare's numerous sites into our platform. Once the orders were in ChannelApe, the order data was converted to EDI format in the form of a 940 X12 document. These orders were sent over one AS2 pipe to the warehouse for shipment. The shipping strings from Shopify were converted and mapped to the correct service according to PharmaCare's specifications. Once the orders were shipped the 3PL sends ChannelApe back another EDI document, this time a 945 in X12 format which is then converted to a format which Shopify can ingest. This process can occur thousands of times per day and scale up as order volume increases. Using ChannelApe's prebuilt Shopify solution and Pre Configured Shopify EDI architecture, these integrations can be completed in weeks, not months. This gave PharmaCare the the ability to customize each piece of the integration to their specific needs.

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