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ChannelApe has allowed me to consolidate all data feeds into one location

Fast Facts

  1. Currency Conversion


Who is an online retailer of high-end quality watches based in Sweden.


Why had a supplier that had a data feed that needed to be integrated into his website. wanted the inventory updates to be fully automated so that he didn’t have to manually update inventory levels. also needed a way to convert USD to Swedish Krona and also convert English Characters to Swedish characters. also needed a way to exclude some items from the data feed before it was sent to his storefront.


ChannelApe built an integration to suppliers file by pulling in an XML file from googlebase ensuring swedish characters were preserved . ChannelApe was able to set up an automated schedule of when the inventory data was synced to the storefront. When a new item was added to the data feed then a new product would automatically be created on the webstore.

Now that the product details and inventory levels were imported into the ChannelApe account, rules could be applied to the data sets. created modifiers to account for the exchange rate and then also created a price modifier to account for VAT taxes that needed to be included in the price. easily updated prices on thousand of items all within seconds. has completely automated his inventory process to the point where it is totally hands off. can now focus on marketing and growing his storefront.