Skicks started as a friendship between Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager while at Syracuse University. Go Orangemen!

Years later, Meryl’s daughter while at The University of Michigan noticed during football games that the most enthusiastic fans would paint their faces and wear their college gear to promote their favorite teams but when it came to footwear, something was missing. Meryl hand painted a pair of canvas sneakers and SKICKS was born.

The Challenge: Connect Disjointed Systems into one combined platform

Skicks is using the Shopify Plus Platform but had a series of disjointed internal systems that caused delays with new product launches, inventory irregularities, slow shipping times and worst of all no visibility into key business metrics as is the case with many direct to consumer brands.

Skicks was looking for a platform that could combine all of these data silos into one unified source of truth.

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The Solution

ChannelApe was up to the task of combining all of this data into one single source of truth to give Skicks the efficiency they need to be an All Star.

ChannelApe used their PreBuilt Shopify Plus Connector to connect to Skicks Shopify Plus Store. Once this was successfully implemented, ChannelApe then used their flexible API’s to connect to Skicks Proprietary ERP, and WMS Systems. Skicks now had the visibility into their inventory, customer data and warehouse data all in one location with the whole process automated.

Skicks now had inventory, order and customer data fully automated and synching with their ERP.

Skicks could now focus on new product launches and were no longer held back by their business inefficiencies.


Using ChannelApe’s PreBuilt Shopify Plus Connector and flexible API’s, we were able to connect all of Skicks disparate systems into one Platform thereby increasing efficiency and visibility into their business.

Boca Raton, FL


We connected disjointed internal systems into one platform giving ultimate visibility into Skicks Business

Fast Facts

  1. Born from College Pride in 2014
  2. Officially licensed College Canvas High Tops and Low Tops
  3. The Sole of A True Fan

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