Tejus of Skybirdyne.com
ChannelApe's custom integration gave me access to my suppliers data feed, allowing me to get my store up and running within hours instead of days

Fast Facts

  1. XML file integration



Skybirdyne is an online retailer of high-end Drones, they currently sell on Shopify but are looking to expand to other marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.


Skybirdyne came to ChannelApe looking to create a brand new e-commerce storefront on Shopify.  Skybirdyne had a supplier that they were going to source products from, the problem was that his supplier gave him an XML data file and he needed a way to get this file and products to his Shopify storefront.


Behind the scenes, ChannelApe built an integration to his supplier to access the XML file in an automated fashion and pull in product and inventory data to populate his storefront. Skybirdyne no longer has to worry about adding new products, or deleting products that have been discontinued. Skybirdyne’s inventory is directly linked to his suppliers so when they add a new product to inventory the listing is automatically created on their storefront and when they delete an item from their inventory the store is notified that an item had been removed.

Skybirdyne was also concerned with overselling an item and having to cancel an order leading to a bad customer experience. Channelape’s integration to their suppliers data file allows them to access their inventory in real-time and adjust accordingly to prevent this from occurring.