Dr. Megan Horan of Steel Wall Supplements
Online retailer of sports supplements, fitness products and health foods
I was able to create a new storefront within a few days, stock it full of products and generate some extra income with the help of Channelape

Fast Facts

  1. Existing business wanting to expand with an online presence but lacked ecommerce experience
  2. With ChannelApe’s help, added a fully-automated online store offering 5000 new items for sale
  3. ChannelApe automates all inventory updates, order processing and fulfillment
  4. Customers are kept up to date on order status every step of the way
  5. No time-consuming manual maintenance required
  6. Sales increased by 200%

Sports Supplement E-tailer Grows Sales by 200 Percent

At a Glance

Therapy specialist, Dr. Megan Horan, wanted to offer high quality nutritional products to her home-bound therapy patients, but lacked ecommerce experience.  Working with ChannelApe, she was able to seamlessly connect to a sports supplements distributor and completely automate the inventory, orders and fulfillment processes to run her new online store.  A few months, and 5000 new products later, her sales are up by 200%!

Therapy specialist, Dr. Megan Horan, saw an opportunity to support her existing therapy business by giving her home-bound patients access to high quality nutritional products to supplement their care.

She knew that an online retail solution was the answer but lacked ecommerce experience.  She also knew that, with the demands of her business keeping her on the road much of the time, she would need an automated way to manage her online store—to manage inventory and process customer orders in a way that avoided time-consuming manual updates and lengthy back-end processes.

She began by approaching Europa Sports Supplements to provide products to her customers.  When Europa offered her direct access to their product data feed, Dr. Horan contacted ChannelApe to help integrate the data feed to her storefront and launch her new automated website.

That’s when Steel Wall Supplements was born.

Using ChannelApe, Dr. Horan was able to completely automate the inventory, orders, and fulfillment processes to run her online store.  By using filters for brand, weight, price, and inventory, she could update and modify inventory levels and pricing automatically.  Now, by pressing one button, a customer’s order is sent directly to the supplier for fulfillment.  And when the supplier ships the item, ChannelApe updates the status and tracking number and notifies the customer automatically.

This level of automation helped Dr. Horan achieve her goal of running Steel Wall Supplements on “autopilot” and allowing her to focus on the important aspects like delivering her therapy and growing her business.  With ChannelApe at work, she was able to offer 5000 new products to her therapy patients and grow her sales by 200%.  Good therapy indeed!

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