Two-Day Shipping or One-Day Order Processing: What Wins?

Positive customer experience with eCommerce order fulfillment

There’s often a debate in the best way to get goods to customers and meet their demands while still promising something realistic. You can’t give away the store, but you do need to put in a little effort to make the customer happy. When trying to decide between two-day shipping or one-day order processing, what […]

Tips for taking your brand global

Take your brand global

What do Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Mercedes -Benz all have in common? Well, besides all being in the top ten of annual revenue, they also are all globally recognized brands.  We put together some tips to help you decide if it makes sense to take your brand global and if now is the right time […]

59 Content Marketing Tips to Energize Your eCommerce Store

This guest post was written by Chad Fisher founder of B-Town Web, fellow Shopify expert and a master of design and development. It’s time to get serious about content marketing for your store and these 59 tips will set you on the right path. Why 59 tips and not 58 tips? We chose 59 for […]