eCommerce. It’s a jungle out there.

Sometimes you need an ape at your side.

That’s why we’ve developed ChannelApe Custom Services. When you have a specific problem that needs a specific solution, we can help. The Ape is well-equipped. We’ve got the resources and know-how to handle data feeds, custom databases, tracking, fulfillment, task automation and most of the other problems that arise with inventory. We understand these things are headaches – we want to save you from that and give you back the time you need to run your business.

How much do we charge? Well, it’s different for every task. The menu below should give you a pretty good idea. You can trust that we won’t charge something completely insane – like some other animals might. It’ll be fair and you can decide to move forward with it or not.

So keep us in mind. You never know when you might need an ape up your sleeve (we’ve got puns for days here at ChannelApe – can you tell?).


ServiceStarting At
CSV Feeds$249
XML Feeds$349
CRM Integrations$399
Custom Inventory Databases$999
Tracking/Fulfillment Integrations$299