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ChannelApe’s Exporter allows you to take your inventory data and make it accessible to all sales channels, platforms, affiliate networks, social media markets, shopping engines, ERP’s and more…


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We work with a lot of great online retailers. We know just how much goes IN to every store – especially on the supply side. Inventory comes from so many different places: suppliers, distributors, warehouses, product feeds, ERP’s. It can take months to find the right offerings, curate items, filter them and ultimately create the perfect product catalog.

Because of that, we believe retailers should get as much OUT of it as they can. Instead of selling items on one or two sales channels, we’ve found a way to take your data anywhere and everywhere.

ChannelApe’s Exporter allows you to stream you inventory in – wherever it comes from. This can be through a product feed (via API or FTP), a data file (like a CSV or XML) or streamed directly from a distributor. If you produce your own items, the initial steps will take a little manual work – but could be worth it if you take full advantage of what the Exporter offers (*Note: We’ve included a csv template download and some simple how-to instructions at the end of this post).

Once your inventory has been uploaded, you can manipulate and manage it however you need to. We’ve got a simple flat-file mapper that will let you define product categories, details & images and convert them into a universal format.

When that’s done, the ChannelApe app itself will enable you to push items directly out to various sales channels. The Exporter allows you to, well, export your inventory as a CSV file. A CSV file is a master key in the ecommerce world. It opens all the doors. Totally universal.

Here’s some background information, examples and links to the places where you can use your inventory data to offer your products and increase sales:

Affiliate networks

Shopify has a great article on applying to and selling on affiliate networks. Here are examples of some of the bigger guys:

Social media markets

Here are some tips on bulk upload for Pinterest, a guide to selling on Etsy and a killer how-to on setting up a Facebook product catalog. Examples include:

  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Facebook

Shopping engines

Comprehensive list of all major shopping engines you can sell on. Examples include:

  • Google shopping
  • Yahoo shopping
  • Bing shopping
  • Shop.com
  • ShopZilla

Getting your products on these outlets will take some work. But it’s going to allow you access to a completely different segment of shoppers. In online retail, broadening your base is key – the ChannelApe Exporter takes the really hard part and makes it a cinch. It’s the ultimate in data mobility.

These are opportunities you may have never considered. Maybe you didn’t even know you could sell on these channels. Now that you do, we hope you’ll explore them. We’ve got clients who are driving just as much revenue from these alternative channels as they are from their storefront. We want to see you grow – so let us know if we can be of any help with the Exporter.


How-To Put Your DIY Products Into An Inventory File

  1. Download the template here:  inventory csv template here.
  2. Fill in details for every column header EXCEPT images
  3. For images, open a Dropbox account: https://www.dropbox.com/
  4. Create an ‘image’ folder and upload all images to it
  5. Create PUBLIC LINKS (not Private) for each image
  6. In your template’s image column, insert the public image URL for each image
  7. Save the final file as a CSV (its original format) in Dropbox
  8. Sign up for ChannelApe here: https://app.channelape.com/
  9. Follow app directions to upload a CSV file or contact support

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