User guide on the Omnisearch feature

Omnisearch is the search bar at the top center of the channel ape app. You may search through:
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Shipment Receipts
  • Inventory Items
  • Locations

To get started try searching for any value, the more unique to the entity you're searching for the better and the faster the search results. For example shipment number, order numbers, shipment numbers, sku's and location names are all excellent candidates. Omnisearch can handle partial information but the more complete and unique the search text can be the better the result.

The results will rank from best to worse in the omnisearch highlighting how the search was found. If you're not finding the result you're expecting then you can influence the result by adding more terms to your search. This can be a field name or another value you expect in the entity.

For example say the target search item is in inventory item with the sku "USPS_123". Using the search text "sku usps" will rank inventory items with a sku containing usps higher then shipments or orders with a carrier or usps.

For the most part adding the field name to search isn't necessary except when the search value is ambiguous. If the search text is "2023" omnisearch will need a little help to work out what you're looking for as it can be a year, price, weight, address and so on. It might take too long, timeout, or refuse to search for the value, covered below. Prefixing the field to search for or adding additional information about the entity you can recall is necessary.