Shopify Ship From Store

Skip ChannelApe fulfillment for Shopify Ship From Store order fulfillments

It's been more increasingly common that shopify merchants want the option to be able to ship orders from their POS locations. You can set this up with Shopify POS and can read more about it here.


Most orders that come in from Shopify should be coming from the Virtual Sales Channel location that represents ChannelApe's inventory bucket. However when the order is earmarked from another location in Shopify not managed by ChannelApe then ChannelApe will abide by this and let Shopify handle shipment.

It does this by adding a PENDING fulfillment to the order for the items marked from that location. This allows downstream DOM in ChannelApe to avoid fulfilling this item while still being able to fulfill other items you may want from your warehouses on the same order.


When the order is actually fulfilled, the original PENDING fulfillment will get CANCELED and you'll see a SUCCESS fulfillment with the items that were delivered.


Note: Shopify Ship From Store support is in Preview. Reach out to support to enable access for your organization.