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Ape Takes Home Best User Experience and Rising Star Award

Over the past year, FinancesOnline has emerged as one of the most authoritative ecommerce review sites on the web. Based in Palo Alto, California, the site reviews software that runs from accounting to CRM to multichannel management. Finances Online features original content, industry news and its own brand of B2B product and service profiles bolstered by user generated reviews.  They’re known for their versus-style review that offers side-by-side comparisons of similar software.

We were excited about the opportunity of a FinancesOnline.com review of our SaaS in the best sales management software category when they first approached us. Since ChannelApe entered the B2B market in 2014, we’ve worked exceptionally hard to create the best multichannel platform out there. We provide a full-scale ecommerce solution that integrates and automates all of the components of multichannel selling – including product catalog, orders, tracking and fulfillment. While developing our SaaS, we found that most multichannel platforms don’t provide a full solution. Where others try to box you into their template, we design an integration around your business – one that’s tailored to your strengths. We don’t add another element to the mix, we unify everything you use into a singular experience.

It’s an immense honor to receive both the Best User Experience and Rising Star award from an organization as prestigious as Finances. We feel that user experience is key to a successful SaaS. It’s great to have that particular validation coming from a team with years of experience and a vast body of knowledge. As we see our model as the future of multichannel, we’re also grateful to be named a Rising Star.

According to the review, “ChannelApe delivers a robust and comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates and automates all processes.” They go on to detail our unique pricing system which is designed to keep costs low. “They don’t get a cut from your store’s income… Your business is charged when you pull inventory and when you push it out to your sales channel.”

Insightful and eloquent. We look forward to working with FinancesOnline more and more in the coming year.

Michael Averto