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Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

Supercharge Order Volumes by Offering Customer Date Promises and Presell Options.

Get closer to customers and eliminate overproduction. Manage without the typical headaches, manual processes, and customer experience problems.

presell inventory

Fulfill on Presell Promises. Exceed Expectations.

Get the real-time inventory visibility you need to presell. And expose real-time omni-channel inventory and fulfillment options to your e-commerce site. 

Flexible Selling. Firm Delivery Dates.

Keep your Product Detail Page (PDP) up-to-date with accurate, expected arrival dates –visible to customers before they make a purchase. Automatically plan for pre-sell delivery date on your PDP based on inbound PO’s. All with real-time ATP inventory.

Presell promise delivery date
presell with realtime inventory visibility

Know Exactly What You Have. And Where.

View product availability and ATP across all locations –including stores, DCs, and 3PL warehouses. See every adjustment –for every SKU, every location, and every channel. Don’t disappoint your customers. Reduce backorders and out-of-stocks. Never under purchase.

Peace of Mind For You. And Your Team.

Alleviate manual pains and gain the inventory management your operations team loves –and your accounting team trusts. Easily track inventory and give your team insight into how much you have by status, channel and location. Boost revenue growth, meet demands and improve customer experience.

Happy teams with realtime presell data and accurate inventory
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No More Unplanned Overselling.
No, Seriously.

Keep customers coming back by delivering on what you promise. No more under-purchasing. No more unnecessary variant exchanges. No more unhappy customers. 

Expert Support - ChannelApe

Expert Support & Playbooks. Customized to Your Needs.

Learn how to grow order volume and gain recurring revenue. In-house domain experts and built-in playbooks allow you to get the assistance you need –when you need it the most. We know how to solve the pains that block ecommerce growth.

How It Works.

Presell Inventory ChannelApe

Omnichannel Inventory That Just Works.

Easily presell. And turn inventory faster and at higher margins with the best inventory management solution. Built for high SKU fashion brands.

presell inventory that just works