eBay inventory management

eBay Inventory Management Made Easy!

Inventory management for eBay is one of the most important facets to success
  • Keep Inventory up to date

    Sync inventory updates to your eBay account in real time!

  • Streamline orders and fullfillments

    Automatically send orders for fullfilment and inventory adjustments

  • Replace Manual Processes

    Eliminate the need to manual edit inventory totals

  • Never Over Sell Again

    No one wants to disappoint a customer and tell them their order has been sold

How it Works

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Automate Inventory Updates To eBay

ChannelApe has pre-built connections to send inventory updates directly to your eBay store.

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Select products for sale on eBay

Only sell the products you want on eBay and have ChannelApe manage inventory for them on eBay.

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Inventory Adjustments

Aggregate eBay orders and send them for fulfillments and to update inventory totals in the warehouse.

Full Service Operations Management

  • Sales & fulfillment integrations
    Keep customers happy by automatically sending orders from your store for fulfillment and updating inventory totals
  • Multi- location Inventory
    Compile inventory totals from multiple warehouses so your eCommerce stores always have the most accurate totals
  • Self Service Business Rules
    Stop worrying about the day to day maintenance of your store! Program business rules to manage your eCommerce
    operations for inventory, orders and fulfillments
  • Opportunity to scale your business
    One of the biggest headaches for eCommerce merchants is managing multiple SaaS platforms. ChannelApe allows
    merchants to manage all of their eCommerce operations on a single platform. Catalog, inventory, orders and
    fulfillments all managed in one single platform.
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How We’re different

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  • Configure an integration that works for your business.
    80% of ChannelApe’s platform is prebuilt; the last 20% is built around our customers business. Use ChannelApe to
    deliver your true source of inventory from an ERP or Warehouse Management System
  • ChannelApe was born to manage eCommerce Operations
    ChannelApe was launched because our founders need to manage multiple webstores but struggled to maintain accurate
    inventory totals. Thanks to a successful webstore and inventory headaches, ChannelApe was launched to the masses to
    maintain accurate inventory across multiple sales channels.
  • ChannelApe is a partner not a SaaS provider
    Stop worrying about the day to day maintenance of your store! Program business rules to manage your eCommerce
    operations for inventory, orders and fulfillments
  • Opportunity to scale your business
    ChannelApe works with our customers to help them grow their business through direct to consumer eCommerce
    operations. Each of our customers come to us with a specific set of needs to manage their eCommerce operations.


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Here is what you WON’T be doing
with ChannelApe

  • Trying to fit your business around pre-built integrations
    80% of ChannelApe’s platform is prebuilt the last 20% is built around our customers business.
  • Managing eCommerce Operations in multiple SaaS platforms
    One of the biggest headaches for companies is managing commerce data that is in silo’s across multiple SaaS
    platform. ChannelApe is your single source for eCommerce operations.
  • Dealing with manual interactions with warehouses
    Eliminate the opportunity for human error when your business in running in a automate fashion
  • Updating products information manually
    Manage catalog data in a single location while ChannelApe streamlines all product updates
  • Managing inventory
    Allow your pre-established rules to manage your eCommerce store
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Speed up your operations.

Take advantage of channel opportunities faster with the speed and agility of the cloud. Launch new channels, create new consumer experiences, bring stores online, add marketplaces, adopt new features, and integrate partner technologies in record time, without the usual complexities.

Go global today.

Launch new storefronts and explore new geographies quickly. EDIFACT, different character sets, localization problems? Forget about the integrations and let our platform get you up and running quickly.

Connect systems 128% faster

Connect your core system of record one time and unlock extra integrations with out of the box connectors. Don't lose flexibility, easily extend the platform to cover your exact use case.

Improve process automation

Orchestrate your processes quickly and easily using our trigger/action based system. Stop wasting time on manual, error prone processes.


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