Robust + Flexible Inventory & Catalog Management

Manage inventory across all channels, create product listings, stop overselling!
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  • Manage different inventory per channel

    You probably don’t want all of your inventory on every channel. Using our robust rules engine, intelligently distribute inventory levels based on channel volume.

  • Help get it right

    Your customers hate when you oversell and have to cancel orders. Prevent overselling!

  • Single platform for all integrations

    Sync inventory from your source of truth through one feed and let us deal with the disparity of channel formats.

Inventory ManagementAvailable
Auto Import Products
Inventory Tracking
Price Control
Product / Variant Tags
Rules Engine / Selective Stock Push
Bundles and Kits
3PL / WMS Support
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  • Allbirds
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  • Pharmacare
    Steve Madden
    reLink Medical

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