10% off sale example

In this article, I will go over the steps needed to take 10% off of some products when they go out to a channel.  As prerequisites, have a business with some products, a list which selects some of them, and a channel to push them out to.  After these are complete, follow the steps below to start your 10% off sale.

  1. Create a modifier for 10% off.  Open the modifiers page by clicking the modifiers button in the left navigation menu.  Fill in the fields in the create modifier box on the right side like below (Name and description can be different).  Click create. Screenshot from 2014-01-16 14-44-30
  2. After it is created, it will appear in your modifiers list on the left.  Now go to your channels page and select the channel you wish to push products to with your 10% off sale.  Put the list in the left input box.  Now go to the right box and type “Ten”.  The list will show up to be auto-completed as shown below.  Click on it to use it. Screenshot from 2014-01-16 15-18-33
  3. Finally click the update and push button at the top right and it will push your 10% off sale out to the channel.