How to add metafields to Shopify using ChannelApe variants

Shopify Metafields allow you to store all sorts of custom data within your Shopify store. To find out more about what you can do with Shopify metafields, check out this blog post. Let ChannelApe manage your Shopify product and variant metafields through the use of ChannelApe variant additional fields. Get started now by following the steps below.

Step 1

Modify the file settings for your supplier to include an additional field for each Shopify metafield you would like added. The expected format for the additional field mapping key is:

“shopify_metafield_” + namespace + “_” + value type + “_” + key

Custom namespaces and keys are accepted as well as string or integer value types. See the below File Settings for examples of mappings.

Supplier File Settings

Step 2

After you adjust the file settings for your supplier to handle the new additional fields you should issue a product pull to update all of your variants within ChannelApe. Once the product pull finishes, you should see the new additional fields appear on your ChannelApe variants.

Variant Additional Fields

Step 3

The last step to create or update your Shopify metafields once your ChannelApe variants are updated with the proper additional fields is to issue a product push to Shopify. The Shopify Channel will automatically create and update any metafields it finds for properly mapped ChannelApe variant additional fields.

NOTE: Both Shopify variant metafields and Shopify product metafields are created from ChannelApe variant additional fields. Shopify variant metafields are a one-to-one mapping but Shopify product metafields are a combination of every Shopify variant metafield created by ChannelApe for the current Shopify product. If duplicate namespaces and keys are found, only the namepsace and key for the first Shopify variant metafield are created on the Shopify product.

Step 4

Shopify Metafields can only be viewed through 3rd party applications or within the API. We suggest using an app like Metafields Editor to view metafields for your Shopify products and variants. If you wish to to remove a Shopify metafield created by ChannelApe then you need to first remove it from your ChannelApe variant and then manually delete the metafield in Shopify.

Metafields Editor

NOTE: If you manually delete a Shopify metafield created by ChannelApe without first removing the additional field mapping within your supplier file settings, the metafield will be created again the next time a product push runs for your Shopify Channel.