How can I add an Amazon Latency (Handling) Time to my Product Listings

Having issues fulfilling your Amazon orders in the 1-2 day default on the product listing, or maybe you sell handmade or personalized items that take longer than normal to ship. No worries, now with ChannelApe you can set your Latency time up to a maximum of 30 days.

For the uninitiated, Latency/Handling Times are shown on the product detail page in seller central.

ChannelApe’s Amazon integration supports Latency/Handling Time following a simple convention in our additionalFields Inventory Item mapping.

The image above displays the convention in action, whereas the field name is amazon_fulfillment_latency and the field is mapped to a specific column in the source data with a numerical value greater than zero and less than 30.

This allows your Latency to be 100% Data Driven or, if preferred, a hardcoded value.