ChannelApe Inventory Management System

ChannelApe has the ability to manage inventory across multiple locations and statuses. Currently, these are only used to track within analytics and history. These are not the same inventories that are used while importing from file or pushing to a channel. All of this is implemented via our API and can be set up to use in a custom Playbook Play

Inventory Items

An Inventory Item is used to represent a physical item that is being sold and shipped by the warehouse. To view the current inventory items in ChannelApe, click on the ‘Inventory’ side menu item.

ChannelApe Inventory Item Management

The currently supported fields for the inventory items are:

  • SKU
  • Title

There is no limit on how many inventory items a business can have.

API Docs:


Locations are used to house inventory items. A business may have 0 or many locations. To be able to track inventory item quantities, you need to have at least one location to track.

Currently, the only way to create locations is via the API.

API Docs:

Inventory Statuses

An inventory item can be placed in different statuses across different locations. The supported statuses are:

  • Available
  • Committed
  • On Hand
  • On Hold
  • On Order

These statuses are not tied to anything specific within ChannelApe and a business can use this any way they see fit. 

Quantity Adjustments

ChannelApe manages quantities for inventory items at a location in a given status. To view the current quantities of an inventory item, you can click the SKU from the inventory list -> ‘Inventory Detail’.

ChannelApe Inventory Item Multi-Location Management

Adjusting Quantity:

  • The max/min of a single adjustment can be 500,000,000 / -500,000,000 respectively. 
  • The total quantity after the adjustment can not exceed 1,000,000,000 / -1,000,000,000

Setting Quantity:

  • The total quantity after the adjustment can not exceed 1,000,000,000 / -1,000,000,000

Integrations with ChannelApe can retrieve the current quantities for an inventory item to be able to make adjustments.

API Docs:


Quantities are managed in a ledger style format, so ChannelApe can track the history of updates for an Inventory item. On the inventory details page, you can click the ‘History’ tab to view the history of changes that were made to quantities:

ChannelApe Inventory Item Adjustment HIstory