ChannelApe Shopify Real-Time Inventory Sync

Why Real-Time Inventory Sync?

Throughout the day, warehouses can receive more units to ship or something out of your control can render some units unsellable. You can use ChannelApe’s real-time sync in conjunction with Inventory Management System to ensure your quantities stay accurate on Shopify throughout the day. This will help you avoid over/underselling on Shopify.

How does Real-Time Inventory Sync work?

When a Shopify Channel has real-time sync enabled in ChannelApe, your inventory levels will be synced through from ChannelApe to Shopify for the configured Channels. When an inventory item quantity is adjusted in ChannelApe for a specific IMS location, it will find all of the Shopify channels for that adjustment location and push out the quantity to that Shopify Channel’s configured Shopify location. This means you can push quantities to multiple different Shopify Stores and locations from a single inventory quantity adjustment.

The SKUs in ChannelApe must match exactly the SKUs in Shopify. Shopify does allow multiple inventory items with the same SKU, but ChannelApe does not support this case currently.

ChannelApe Shopify Real-Time Sync flow

What is the safety stock?

Safety stock is a mechanism in place within the real-time sync channel for buffering a given number of units for all of your items when syncing to Shopify. This means that if you adjust your inventory quantity for a given SKU to 10, and you have a safety stock of 5 on your channel, the actual adjustment sent to Shopify would be a quantity of 5.

Enabling and Configuring Real-Time Inventory Sync

To configure your Shopify Channel to use real-time inventory sync.
Note: You must have business owner permissions to be able to access this setting

  1. Click on ‘Integrations‘ link under the Settings section in the left-hand navigation
  2. Select the Shopify channel you want to sync your quantities to.
  3. Click on the ‘‘ button in the top right of the Channel Settings pageChannel Settings
  4. Click the checkbox “Enable real-time inventory sync”
  5. Select an IMS location (Any Available to Sell adjustments made for this location will trigger the quantity to be synced to the corresponding Shopify Location)
  6. Select a Shopify Location (Any Available to Sell adjustments made for the IMS location will sync to this Shopify Location)
  7. Set a safety stock
  8. Click the ‘Update‘ button
Enabling Shopify Real-Time Inventory Sync

Enabling Shopify Real-Time Inventory Sync

Safety Stock Reduction

Following the steps above, once you are in the “Settings” window, you will see an option for “Safety Stock Reduction” once Realtime Inventory Sync is enabled.

Safety stock is a buffer for inventory item quantities on the channel. For example with a safety stock of 5, If ChannelApe gets an adjustment that nets a quantity of 12, we only push 7 to the channel.

Safety stock is processed in realtime but only when an adjustment is made. So, if you import inventory only once a day, safety stock will be processed only once a day when those adjustments are made.