How to create ChannelApe API Account for BigCommerce

ChannelApe requires an API Account on your BigCommerce store in order to manage product catalog and orders for you. Please follow the below steps to create an API Account.

  1. Log into the store, using the store owner’s username/password.
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select API Accounts. This will display the Store API Accounts page.
  4. Select Create API Account. This will display the Create API Account page shown above.
  5. In the Name field, enter “ChannelApe”.
  6. In the OAuth Scopes section, select the following scopes (mirror the below image):
    1. Content → modify
    2. Customers → modify
    3. Customers Login → None
    4. Information & Settings → modify
    5. Marketing → modify
    6. Orders → modify
    7. Order Transactions → modify
    8. Products → modify
    9. Themes → None
    10. Carts → NoneAPI Account Scopes
  7. Select Save at the page’s lower right-hand corner.
  8. Send Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token and Store Hash to your ChannelApe contact
    1. If you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge then a text file containing the credentials should have been downloaded to your computer. You can send this file to us.
    2. If you do not see a downloaded file, please copy the fields before closing the window and send the values to use (after you close the window you can no longer see these values).
      Viewing and saving OAuth credentials

If you have trouble finding the your BigCommerce store Hash, The Bigcommerce store hash value can also be derived from your temp URL. For example, if your temp URL is http :// then your store_hash value is the xxxxxxxxx

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