How to create a search filter and push products to Amazon.

First off, I am going to show you how to create a search. Once you login to your ChannelApe account, on the left hand side of the screen you will see “Search”. Click on that. Once you do so, it’s going to bring you to the main search page: (pictured below)

On this page, you can create a product search either by Title, SKU, Category, Price, Quantity, Vendor, UPC, Tags, etc.

Step 2


As an example, I’m going to create a product list of “All Products“. In order to do so, I am going to place “0.01” where it says “Retail Price” (minimum). This is going to pull all products “over a penny”, which is essentially, all products. So, once I place 0.01 in the filter, it will bring up a list of products: (pictured below)

Step 4

As you can see, this is a list of all products “over a penny”. At the top (circled in red), it says “Save as new”. Click on that and label this list “All Products”. It will look like this:

Step 5

Click “Save” (circled in red) and that will successfully create/save the list of products.


So, I have shown you how to create/save a product list. I am now going to show you how to apply these lists, so that you can push these products to Amazon.

First, click on App Integrations -> Click on Available -> Followed by clicking on Amazon under Channels. Install the Amazon app.

Once installed, click on App Integrations -> Installed -> Amazon App.

You will see “Synced/Push Search Filters”. It looks like this: (pictured below)


This is where you are going to apply your saved product lists. Simply click “Add New” and it will bring you to this screen: (pictured below)


I have highlighted “Filter” and “Modifier” for you. Where it says “Filter” — this is where all of your product lists will go. I created, in the example earlier on, “All Products”. I am going to place “All Products” under “Filter”, so that all of the products are pushed to the storefront. Note: If you leave this filter blank, nothing will be pushed to your storefront. It is crucial that you create a list and place it in this filter. This will ensure that all products appear on your storefront.

For example, I am going to use the “All Products” list I have created, along with a price and quantity modifier. You cannot place two price modifiers under one filter, but you may place both a quantity and price modifier under one filter. It will look like this: (see image below)


Click “Add” and that will successfully apply “All Products to be pushed to your storefront with all products being 15% off and having a quantity of 0.”

To successfully sync these filters, at the top right of the screen you will see “Sync Inventory”. Click on that & this will issue a product sync.