How can I add Custom Item Specifics to my eBay listings

Have some key attributes you want to highlight on your eBay listings?  With ChannelApe’s eBay inventory management software, eBay’s Item Specifics allow you to present the key attributes you want customers to see when they’re browsing your products.

For the uninitiated, Item Specifics are shown before your product description on eBay listings.

ChannelApe’s eBay integration supports custom Item Specifics by following a simple convention in our additionalFields Inventory Item mapping.

The image above displays the convention in action.

For an Item Specific named “Serving Size” we need to make two additional fields:

  1. ebay_item_option_key_servingSize
  2. ebay_item_option_value_servingSize

The first field creates the Item Specific attribute named “Serving Size”, as indicated by the value property in the additional field key-value-pair.

The second field creates the value associated with the “Serving Size” Item Specific.  This allows your Item Specifics to be 100% Data Driven or, if preferred, hardcoded values.