How can I add subtitle to my listings

Since eBay charges an additional fee to add a subtitle to your listing, by default ChannelApe will not create your listings with a subtitle. If however you are the type of seller who enjoys a good subtitle now and then, don’t worry we have you covered.

If you would like to include a subtitle then you will need to ensure your variants within ChannelApe have the “subtitle” Additional Field mapped. You can map this field to a column in your Generic Data Feed using the mapper we provide within the ChannelApe app or you can contact us to have us add it to your feed for you. After you map the subtitle column and pull your products again you should see the “subtitle” field show up in the Additional Fields section of your variants.

Variant Additional Fields

Once you push your products to eBay you should see the the subtitle populated on your listings.

eBay Listing

Note:  eBay has a restriction that your subtitle cannot be greater then 55 characters. If the subtitle you have mapped is greater then 55 character, then the subtitle will be omitted when creating or updating your listing on eBay.

Note: When creating listings with multiple inventory items under a single inventory item group (like the one above) you should map the same subtitle for every ChannelApe variant under a ChannelApe product. The ChannelApe eBay channel will take the subtitle from the first variant it finds under a product and use that with the listing.