Pulling Orders from eBay into ChannelApe Mapping

ChannelApe supports eBay order management by pulling orders into ChannelApe from eBay, which can then be sent to your supplier(s) to be fulfilled. In order to be able to pull orders into your ChannelApe business, you must install and configure the eBay integration. Once this is complete, you can set up a recipe to pull your eBay orders directly into ChannelApe. Prior to reading this, you should be familiar with what a ChannelApe Order looks like.

ChannelApe only pulls orders from eBay that were placed within the last 7 days. If an order is older than that,
ChannelApe will not able to perform this action on those orders.

When orders are pulled into ChannelApe, they are mapped in the following way:

eBay OrderChannelApe

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
id N/A (Generated by ChannelApe)
channelOrderId OrderId
status Mapped to OrderStatusCodeType

  • Active – Orders that haven’t been paid for yet on ebay. (ie, buyer has committed to buy a ‘Buy it now!’
    or the seller has accepted an offer, but has not yet received payment). These get pulled into channelape as
  • Cancelled – Pending canceled order has been completed (either by buyer or seller depending on who initiated it. These get pulled into channelape as CANCELLED
  • Completed – eBay order has been paid for. These can get mapped to the following in channelape:
    • OPEN – No Shipping methods and tracking number is present.
    • CLOSED – Shipping method and tracking number is present on all items and line items on order completely fulfilled.
purchasedAt CreatedAt
totalPrice Total
subtotalPrice Subtotal
totalShippingPrice ShippingServiceSelected → ShippingServiceCost → Value
totalShippingTax Sum of Transactions[1..n] → Taxes → TaxOnShippingAmount
totalTax Sum of Transactions[1..n] → Taxes → TotalTaxAmount → Value
alphabeticCurrencyCode Total → currencyId

eBay OrderChannelApe
Order Additional Fields

Additional Field Key eBay Field or Value
CreatedTime CreatedTime
PaymentMethods PaymentMethods
SellerEmail SellerEmail
BuyerUserId BuyerUserId
PaidTime PaidTime
IntegratedMerchantCreditCardEnabled IntegratedMerchantCreditCardEnabled
PaymentHoldStatus PaymentHoldStatus
IsMultiLegShipping IsMultiLegShipping
SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber

eBay OrderChannelApe

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
firstName First Transaction → Buyer → UserFirstName
lastName First Transaction → Buyer → UserLastName
email First Transaction → Buyer → Email

eBay OrderChannelApe
Customer Additional Fields

ChannelApe Additional Field eBay Field or Value
AddressID ShippingAddress_AddressID
ShippingAddress_AddressOwner accepts_marketing
ShippingAddress_AddressUsage AddressUsage
ShippingAddress_ExternalAddressID ExternalAddressID
ShippingAddress_Phone Phone

eBay AddressChannelApe
Customer Shipping

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
name Name
firstName FirstName
lastName LastName
address1 Street1
address2 Street2
city CityName
province StateOrProvince
country CountryName
countryCode Country
postalCode PostalCode
phone Phone

eBay TransactionChannelApe
Line Item

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
id TransactionID
sku If Variation exists then map SKU to Variation → SKU
Else map SKU to Item → SKU
quantity QuantityPurchased
price TransactionPrice
title If Variation exists then map SKU to Variation → VariationTitle
Else map SKU to Item → Title
grams CalculatedShippingRateType.WeightMajor and CalculatedShippingRateType.WeightMinor have been removed as of Schema 997. Therefore we can no longer calculate weight for incoming orders.
shippingPrice ActualShippingCost
shippingTax Taxes → TaxOnShippingAmount
shippingMethod Order → ShippingServiceSelected → ShippingService

eBay TransactionChannelApe
Line Item Additional Fields

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
CreatedDate CreatedDate
TransactionID TransactionID
TransactionSiteID TransactionSiteID
Item_ItemID Item_ItemID
Item_Site Item_Site
Item_Title Item_Title
Item_ConditionID Item_ConditionID
Item_ConditionDisplayName Item_ConditionDisplayName
Platform Platform
OrderLineItemID OrderLineItemID
eBayPlusTransaction eBayPlusTransaction
GuaranteedShipping GuaranteedShipping
SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber

eBay Shipping Details
ChannelApe Fulfillment

ChannelApe Field eBay Field or Value
status If ShipmentTrackingNumber and ShippingCarrierUsed are present → SUCCESS
trackingNumber ShipmentTrackingNumber