How do I ensure the items that are out of stock in all Europa warehouses will also show as out of stock on my marketplace?

First off, go to the  new search page and click on the list you are looking for. Click “save and view results”. It will look like this:



From this point, select the item you want to ensure is out of stock. Once the item is selected, scroll down to where it says “Tags:” and copy the tag exactly as is. (For example, “SeaTacWashingtonQuantityOnHand_No”.) You will then return to the search page, click new search, paste the tag under the “tags:” column. It will look like this:



You will then click search, “save as new”, and title it something like “Washington Out”. It will look like this:


Once you select “Save”, return back to your Channel’s page. Under “Synced/Pushed Filters” you will select “Add New”. Where it says “List:” you will start typing the list you just created. Using our example, that will  be “Washington Out”. Under “Modifier:”, you will type something like “Quantity 0”, and make sure you change the priority to 1. It will look like this:


Click “Add”, and scroll to the top of the page. Click “Sync Inventory” and this will update the changes you just made.


There are 8 warehouses:

  • MesquiteTexasQuantityOnHand_No, LasVegasNevadaQuantityOnHand_No, WindsorConnecticutQuantityOnHand_No, SeaTacWashingtonQuantityOnHand_No, StrongsvilleOhioQuantityOnHand_No, CharlotteNorthCarolinaQuantityOnHand_No, OrlandoFloridaQuantityOnHand_No, FresnoCaliforniaQuantityOnHand_No
  • You must create a separate list for each warehouse. Just remember to keep the priority set to 1!

If you do create more than one list for each warehouse, make sure when you return to your Channels page, under “Synced/Pushed Search Filters” you click “Edit” under the list you just made, and input your other list. This will keep the priority set to 1 and save you from having multiple filters. This is what I mean by that: