Europa Data Feed Setup

First, login to your ChannelApe account.

Click on App Integrations -> Available -> Europa -> Get Started 


Enter your Europa credentials. (Note: These are usually different than the login information to your suppliers site). Click Install and the data will start pulling into your account.

From here, you will need to create searches. Europa has 8 different warehouses, so it is important you follow these next steps.

Click Search on the left hand side of the screen. This will bring you to the main search screen. Where it says Retail Price (minimumplace .01 in the blank. This will pull up a list of all products over a penny, which is essentially, all products: (see below)


Save this list as “All Products”. Once you have done so, click on the “All Products” list and follow these steps:

Click on an item from the list. I am going to use the first one as an example (see above). When you do so, scroll down until you see a column for tags. It will look like this:


I have highlighted the 8 warehouse tags. Copy all 8 exactly as is. Once you have done so, click Search on the left hand side. Click new search, paste the first tag under the “tags:” column. (I am going to use the first tag & where it says “Yes”, I am going to change it to “No”. So it will look like this -> “LasVegasNevadaQuantityOnHand_No”.) See image below:


Click “Save and View Results and save/label this list something like “Las Vegas Out“.

You will repeat this process for all 8 warehouses. The same way for every tag, just using a different label when you save it. So you should have 8 search lists saved:

  1. Fresno Out
  2. Las Vegas Out
  3. North Carolina Out
  4. Ohio Out
  5. Orlando Out
  6. Texas Out
  7. Washington Out
  8. Windsor Out

You will then need to create a Quantity Modifier set equal to 0. So, click on App Integrations -> Installed -> Shopify/Amazon App. It will bring you to a page where you will see Modifiers in the upper right. Click “Add New” and it will bring you here:


From here, where it says Target, select the drop down and choose Quantity. Where it says Modifier, select the drop down and choose Set Equal To and where it says Adjust by choose the # quantity. We are going to use 0, so that all warehouses out of stock have a quantity of 0. It will look like this:


Click Save.

To apply this modifier follow these steps.

You will see a panel that says “Synced/Pushed Search Filters“. Click “Add New“. First, place the 8 Warehouse Lists you previously saved where it says Filter and place the Qty=0 where it says Modifier. Be sure to set the Priority to 1. This will ensure that all Warehouses Out of Stock have a quantity of 0. It will look like this:


Click Save.


To push all Europa products to your storefront, you will place the “All Products” search you have created from before where it says “Filter“. It will look like this:


Since Europa does not have quantities & goes by ‘In Stock‘ or ‘Out of Stock‘, you will need to create a Quantity Modifier and set it equal to 5, 10, 12, etc. (whatever you prefer). I am going to use 12 as an example. So, just like before, it will look like this:


Click Save.
Now we are going to apply this modifier the same way we did before. It will look like this:


Click Save.

There is also a list already created upon installation. It will be called “RemovedFromEuropaFeed”. You will place this list in the block panel. This will ensure that all items out of stock, discontinued, deleted, etc. from the supplier will also be removed from your Storefront. The block panel is located on the same page and looks like this:


From here, in the upper right corner of the screen you will see Sync Inventory. Click on that. By doing so, these changes will go into effect. All Warehouses Out of Stock will have a quantity of 0 and all products in stock will be pushed to your storefront with a quantity of 12.


As a reminder, here are the 8 warehouses:

  • MesquiteTexasQuantityOnHand_No, LasVegasNevadaQuantityOnHand_No, WindsorConnecticutQuantityOnHand_No, SeaTacWashingtonQuantityOnHand_No, StrongsvilleOhioQuantityOnHand_No, CharlotteNorthCarolinaQuantityOnHand_No, OrlandoFloridaQuantityOnHand_No, FresnoCaliforniaQuantityOnHand_No
  • You must create a separate list for each warehouse. Just remember to keep the priority set to 1!