Europa Frequently Asked Questions

How would we manage pricing through the ChannelApe setup?

  • We have a system where you can apply modifiers to rule sets, you can create a search for say a vendor, bsn, then you can apply a pricing modifier, most customers use wholesale from Europa and then markup anywhere from 5 to 30 percent. You could use retail and mark down, but most go the opposite way. We get a standard wholesale price from Europa, everyone gets a special file and different discount depending on volume. We do not have access to that file, just the general wholesale. It will be up to you to determine how much below wholesale you get on a certain brand.

ChannelApe will update inventory, price changes, discontinued items?

  • Yes, hourly if needed.

For the products with variants, how does ChannelApe set-up the nutritional facts and ingredients that are specific to the variant? Do you import for all variants?

  • Right now, we do not import the nutritional facts. That is an additional file. We have plans to, just do not have much customer demand for it. If you need it, we can put it on the development list, it shouldn’t be complicated.

For the images, will ChannelApe import all images for all variants and associate them, so that the correct image displays when a particular variant is selected?

  • Yes, we will import all images that Europa has. There may be some that Europa does not have, but they are replaced with a placeholder for “Image Coming Soon”.

What is the resolution of the images in Europa’s feed?

Does ChannelApe also pass order data back to Europa for fulfillment?

  • Not currently. In development with Europa.

Do we get shipping information and notifications?

  • Europa will email you tracking and shipping information.