How to setup the ChannelApe User for NetSuite Integrations

All of the following operations must be performed by a NetSuite Administrator.

Enable the Web Services Feature

From Setup menu, navigate to the Company > Enable Features page.

From there, you want to select the SuiteCloud tab and enable (check) WEB SERVICES under the SuiteTalk (Web Services) heading.

Enable the Matrix Items

If you have products and variants in your item master, you’ll want to have Matrix Items enabled so you can add your varying attributes such as size and color.

To enable this feature, go to Setup > Company > Enable Features and to the Items & Inventory tab and check the Matrix Items box.

Create a ChannelApe role

For now, ChannelApe uses Username/Password authentication for its integration with NetSuite with plans to roll out Token-based Authentication in the near future.

ChannelApe does not have the ability to authenticate with Full Access and Administrator roles.

Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New

Write ChannelApe as the Name.  The ID will be automatically generated.

Be sure to select the top-most subsidiary and check ALLOW CROSS-SUBSIDIARY RECORD VIEWING.

Make sure you check DO NOT RESTRICT EMPLOYEE FIELDS and ensure there are no Employee Restrictions.

Role Forms

Under the role forms, please ensure the standard forms are enabled and preferred for the following types:


Additionally, ChannelApe will request the Form IDs for the Entry Forms relevant to the scope of your integration.

Internal ID values for existing forms can be found at Setup > Customization > Entry Forms.

Role Permissions

Here’s where things become tricky.

NetSuite will not allow using Administrator/Full access role for API starting 2019

This means you must assign scopes and permissions one-by-one to the role.

At minimum, ChannelApe needs Full level access to the following permissions:

Permissions > Transactions
Permissions > Reports
Permissions > Lists
Permissions > Setup


If your NetSuite account has SuiteCloud+ seats, ChannelApe can leverage the additional sessions by assigning our account as the concurrent web services user which is available under the Employee record > Access.

concurrent web services user