How to install eBay Channel

Step 1

Select App Integrations in the sidebar, switch to the Available tab, then select eBay in the Channels section.

Step 2

Enter your username and password for eBay so ChannelApe can authenticate with eBay and create listings on your behalf. ChannelApe will never store your username and password and instead uses OAuth security standards provided by eBay to associate this application with your eBay username.

Step 3

Grant Inventory Import and Sync by ChannelApe access to your eBay account by selecting Agree.

Step 4

Give your channel a meaningful name that is unique across all channels within your business.

Step 5

Select the marketplace you would like to sell on.

Note: In order for the eBay channel to install successfully, you need to have a default Payment, Shipping, and Return policy setup for that marketplace. These default policies will be associated with any listings you create using this channel. You can read more about eBay business policies here.

Note: If you would like to sell on multiple marketplaces, you will need to install the eBay Channel once for each marketplace. Each eBay channel installation only works with one eBay marketplace.

Step 6

Enter the address you would like to associate with any listings managed by this eBay Channel.

When you create a listing, this address will show as the Item Location.

Step 7

Adjust your permissions if needed otherwise leave the selected defaults.

Step 8

Select Complete Installation then start pushing your ChannelApe products to eBay!

Step 9

Add some filters to your push panel and start selling on eBay!