Inventory from Shopify to Amazon Vendor Central

This article assumes and picks up after you’ve setup your catalog within Vendor Central as part of the Direct Fulfillment program.

Step 1 – Get your inventory into ChannelApe

ChannelApe is able to import your Shopify products by using the Shopify Product Importer application found within the App Integrations directory in ChannelApe.

When this app is installed, you have the ability to set the frequency ChannelApe retrieves updated inventory information from Shopify.

Step 2 – Setup your Direct Fulfillment EDI

Inventory maintenance in Amazon Vendor Central is communicated via the 846 EDI message.  Within this message contains the SKUs along with the warehouses and quantities stocked.

Here is an example of the 846 EDI message ChannelApe sends to Amazon Vendor Central:

ISA^00^ ^00^ ^ZZ^SENDERID       ^ZZ^AMAZONDS       ^180826^2117^U^00605^000001133^0^T^+~GS^IB^SENDERID^AMAZONDS^20180826^2117^1133^X^004010~ST^846^1001~BIA^25^DD^1^20180826^2108~DTM^166^20180826^2108~N1^ZZ^ABCD^92^ABCD~LIN^1^SK^BLUTEE-SM~SDQ^EA^92^ABCD^12~LIN^2^SK^BLUTEE-M~SDQ^EA^92^ABCD^7~LIN^3^SK^BLUTEE-LG~SDQ^EA^92^ABCD^0~CTT^3~SE^12^1001~GE^1^1133~IEA^1^000001133~

Before you can start sending your inventory to Vendor Central, Amazon requires their partners successfully test the exchange of these EDI messages.

To successfully integrate with Vendor Central, ChannelApe will need your warehouse code.
This will be the Amazon code representing the warehouse that the order should ship from.  This is usually a four character alpha code.

Once ChannelApe has this information, we can then automate updating your Amazon Vendor Central Inventory from Shopify.

Some noteworthy caveats:
  • Shopify Multi-location inventory is not mapped 1:1 to the Amazon Warehouse
  • Instead, ChannelApe retrieves the aggregated sum of these quantities from Shopify and sends this to Amazon
  • Amazon Vendor Central requires an 846 EDI message dedicated to each warehouse.  If your items are stocked in multiple warehouses, ChannelApe will need to segment the catalog accordingly.