Inventory Quantity Adjustments from Orders

Enabling Real-time inventory management in ChannelApe will enable order adjustments for any orders placed on that
channel. This is a virtual inventory that will track quantities in and out on that channel. The location configured on
the Channel should be a ‘virtual’ location since this is constantly being updated. It’s recommended that you set up a
separate location for each of your warehouses.

How do order adjustments work?

Orders pulled in from the channels will cause order adjustments to happen if the order is placed with or fulfills /
refunds SKU’s that are in ChannelApe. Any SKU’s that are not in ChannelApe will be ignored.

The following matrix shows what happens in different cases

Event Action
New Order that is closed / canceled status or Order update for an order that is closed / canceled status. No adjustments are made.
New order is placed. +1 for each sku on the order.
Updated order is adding new line items. +1 for each new quantity added.
Successfully fulfilled items or Fulfillments pulled in from the Channel. -1 for each quantity fulfilled.
Refunds that cancel line items. (Restock Type = Cancel) -1 for each canceled quantity.
Order is moving to a closed or canceled status. In an effort to avoid elevated committed quantities,
ChannelApe will -1 for each item that has not been successfully fulfilled or canceled, if any exists.