Pulling Order Updates from Shopify Supplier Mapping

ChannelApe supports pulling fulfillments and refund updates into ChannelApe from your Shopify Store, which can then be sent back to your Channel(s). In order to be able to pull order updates into your ChannelApe business, you must install and configure the Shopify Supplier integration. Once this is complete, you can set up a recipe to pull your Shopify order updates directly into ChannelApe. Prior to reading this, you should be familiar with what a ChannelApe Order looks like.

ChannelApe pulls fulfillment and refund updates from Shopify under the following circumstances

  1. Order must have been created by ChannelApe.
  2. All line items in Shopify must match line items on the order in ChannelApe
  3. Fulfillments are only pulled when all the tracking info is supplied in Shopify.(Tracking Number and Company)
  4. Only Fulfillments and Refunds are updated on the ChannelApe Order.

Shopify FulfillmentChannelApe Fulfillment

ChannelApe Field Shopify Field or Value
id id
supplierId The id of the supplier running PULL_ORDERS
status OPEN
shippingCompany tracking_company
shippingMethod N/A
trackingNumber tracking_number
trackingUrls tracking_urls

Shopify RefundChannelApe Refund

ChannelApe Field Shopify Field or Value
supplierRefundId id
channelRefundId N/A (Populated when pushed by Channel)

Shopify Line ItemChannelApe Line Item

ChannelApe Field Shopify Field or Value
id id
sku sku
upc N/A
quantity quantity
price price
title name
title title