Pushing Canceled Orders to Shopify Mapping

ChannelApe supports pushing canceled orders into Shopify from ChannelApe. In order to be able to push canceled orders into your Shopify Store, you must install and configure the Shopify integration. Once this is complete, you can set up a recipe to push canceled orders that are in ChannelApe into Shopify. Prior to reading this, you should be familiar with what a ChannelApe Order looks like.

ChannelApe pushes canceled orders to Shopify under the following circumstances

  1. Channel must have read and update permissions
  2. Order must be CANCELED in ChannelApe
  3. The order in Shopify can’t already be canceled.(canelled_at timestamp must be null)

During this action, ChannelApe will cancel the order in Shopify and the following mapping applies:

Shopify Field ChannelApe Field
cancel_reason canceledReason