Pushing Fulfillments to Shopify Mapping

ChannelApe supports pushing fulfillments into Shopify from ChannelApe. In order to be able to push fulfillments into your Shopify Store, you must install and configure the Shopify Channel integration. Once this is complete, you can set up a recipe to push fulfillments that are in ChannelApe into Shopify. Prior to reading this, you should be familiar with what a ChannelApe Order looks like.

ChannelApe pushes fulfillments on orders to Shopify under the following circumstances

  1. Channel must have read and update permissions
  2. Order must be IN_PROGRESS in ChannelApe
  3. The fulfillment(s) to push must be in OPEN status with line items that match line items on the Shopify Order.
  4. The line items in Shopify must not already be fulfilled.

If there is no ID on the OPEN ChannelApe fulfillment, ChannelApe will create a new Fulfillment on the order in Shopify. When ChannelApe Fulfillments have an ID that matches one in Shopify, then the information will be updated in Shopify.

After all fulfillments on an order are fulfilled in Shopify and there are no more OPEN fulfillments in ChannelApe, the order will be updated to CLOSED status in ChannelApe.

After we push a fulfillment to Shopify with a tracking number and tracking company, the ChannelApe fulfillment gets marked as SUCCESS status so the action knows that this fulfillment doesn’t need to be updated in Shopify anymore.

When mapping pushing fulfillments to Shopify, the following mapping applies:

ChannelApe Fulfillment  → Shopify Fulfillment

Shopify Field ChannelApe Field or Value
order_id channelOrderId
tracking_company shippingCompany
tracking_number trackingNumber
ChannelApe Line Item Id → Shopify Line Item ID

ChannelApe Line Item Quantity → Shopify Line Item Quantity

notify_customer true
location_id When creating a new fulfillment in Shopify(Fulfillment doesn’t exist)

  • The location ID configured on the Channel. If none is configured, then it uses the lowest location ID. If configured is invalid, action fails.

When updating an existing fulfillment that is already in Shopify

  • Use existing location id on fulfillment.
tracking_urls trackingUrls

If a fulfilled item is a physical gift card(ie. the item has a gift card code) then ChannelApe will attempt to create the gift card in Shopify.

In order for ChannelApe to create gift cards, you must have a Shopify Plus store. If you attempt to fulfill gift cards on a non-Shopify Plus store, any fulfillments with gift cards will fail to be pushed.

ChannelApe Fulfillment Line Item → Shopify Gift Card

Shopify Field ChannelApe Field or Value
code lineItems[n].giftCardCode

ChannelApe will ignore duplicate code errors and continue to fulfill the rest of the items in the fulfillment.

id lineItems[n].giftCardId

Gift card ids are saved back on the channelape order once the fulfillment is successfully pushed to shopify.

initial_value lineItems[n].price
customer_id N/A
line_item_id N/A