Pushing fulfillments to Shopify

If you are creating fulfillments within ChannelApe for your Shopify orders, then you are going to want to send that information back to Shopify. ChannelApe can automate upload of your fulfillment information by setting up a Recipe. The most common way to automate this action is by setting it go off on a schedule like the image below. You may also want to have it go off after pulling fulfillment information from your supplier or after pulling orders from Shopify.

Upload Fulfillments Recipe

When your action to push fulfillment information to Shopify is triggered it will retrieve all orders for your Shopify channel with an In Progress status. You can view your In Progress orders across all your channels by navigating to your Orders Dashboard as show below.

In Progress Orders

You can also view your order within the Shopify backend (this one is so far unfilled).

Unfulfilled Order

For each In Progress Order within ChannelApe, we will iterate through all fulfillments. Any fulfillment with an Open status will be sent to Shopify as a new fulfillment. Shipping Company and Tracking Number will be sent to Shopify when available on the fulfillment so your customers can track their order. The fulfillment within ChannelApe will then be updated to Success status so it is not evaluated again and it will be updated with the ID of the Shopify fulfillment. If you look in your Shopify Backend you should now see the fulfillment information has been updated for your orders.

Fulfilled Order

If all line items for the Shopify order have been fulfilled, then the Shopify order will be closed and the ChannelApe order status will be updated to Closed.

Closed Orders

NOTE: The order within Shopify will not be closed unless all line items have been fulfilled. Partial fulfillment of an order will leave the order open within Shopify and In Progress within ChannelApe.